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We supply quality Thai rice in many sizes of packaging, you please contact us for quotation.

Standard Quantity of Shipment

Packing Size
Qty / Container of 21.5 Metric Tons
10 kg.
2,150 bags
25 kg.
860 bags
50 kg.
430 bags
20 lbs (9.07 kg.)
2,370 bags
25 lbs (11.35 kg.)
1,894 bags
50 lbs (22.70 kg.)
947 bags











  • The standard above is for a standard container size of 21.5 MT only.
  • The shipment capacity may be lower or higher than 21.5 MT. It depends on ability of negotiated shipping company. But, we not supply for large quantity like more than 2,000 metric tons per shipment.
  • For small packing sizes such as 1 kg. PE and 2 kg. PE, the quantity of order will be depend on customers' outer packing.











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