Thai Parboiled Rice



parboiled rice

Thai Parboiled Rice

Parboiled rice is produced by a process of soaking, pressure steaming and drying prior to milling. This modifiles the starch and permits the retention of much of the natural vitamins and minerals in kernels. The rice is usually slightly yellowish, although the colour largely fades after cooking.


Specification of Thai Parboiled Rice

Description Thai Rice Standard
Moisture 14% max
Whole Kernels 80% min
Broken (5.2 mm) 4% max
Red kernels and/or Undermilled Kernels 0.5% max
Yellow kernels 0.25% max
Black Kernels 0.1% max
Party black and Peck kernels total 1.5% max
Damaged kernels 1% max
White Glutinous Rice 1.5% max
Undeveloped, Immature kernels, Other seeds and Foreign Matter 0.2% max
Paddy (grain per 1 kg.) 3 grains
Milling Degree Extra Well Milled













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