Thai Glutinous Rice



glutinous rice

Thai Glutinous Rice

Thai Glutinous Rice is also known as Sweet Rice, Sticky Rice, and Waxy Rice. The kernel of Glutinous Rice has milky color,which makes it different from White Rice. It becomes quite transparent when cooked and has a very sticky texture.


Specification of Thai Glutinous Rice

Description Thai Rice Standard
Moisture 14% max
Whole Kernels 55% min
Broken (4.2 mm.) 12% max
Red kernels and/or Undermilled Kernels 15% max
Yellow kernels 1.5% max
White Rice 3% max
Damaged kernels 0.5% max
Undeveloped, Immature kernels, Other seeds and Foreign Matter 0.5% max
Paddy (grain per 1 kg.) 10 grains
Milling Degree Well Milled















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